http://localhost:50070 Not Working – Hadoop Issues

Issues — while running a hadoop app

http://localhost:50070 not working

It is commom to get “Page not found” error when you type above link. Generally this is related to name node of the application. To ensure that just type in the command jps in terminal and see if namenode is present in the output. Most proobably it would not be there and that is why you are not able to lauch that url.


A.      As a soultion to this error, strop all the services either by running (depreicated) or running and

B.     Then restart hadoop by typing in

C. Now try executing jps command and see if namenode is there. Ii would be there with all possiblilities. Then try http://localhost:50070 in browser and you would the window.

D. If namenose is still missing on executing jps command even after restrting the entire hadoop system (step C), you would have to do something about the hdfs file system, which has been specified in the previous post. Please go through it if you are interested


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